Sunday, June 22, 2014

Links to maps for area of Rainbow Family National Gathering Utah 2014

Links To Online Maps Rainbow Family National Gathering 2014
Hello Rainbows,

I wanted to look at the maps around the Rainbow Family Gathering 2014, in the Unita National Forest, in Utah and match them against the directions to the gathering. I found several types of maps. They were all different and each had something different to offer. I pasted the links into a data base so I could look at them easily.

After doing all that I asked myself why not share this work? I gave all of the links titles, put them in order, described them, and added some tips for viewing. Here are the nine links.

Directions to the 2014 Rainbow Gathering in Utah, in the Uinta National Forest

USDA Forest Service Map - Showing Approximate Rainbow Family Area
(Click on magenta box to expand.)

Google Map - Small Scale, Showing FS Boundary, Heber Mountain and Mill Hollow Reservoir, With Forest Service Roads Marked, Centered on Harvey Meadow,-111.1516001,13z

Google Map – Large Scale  With Forest Service Roads Marked,-111.145077,14z

Google Map - Satellite View – Centered on Harvey Meadow,-111.151995,3915m/data=!3m1!1e3

Heber Mountain Topographic Map 40111d2 Including Harvey Meadow
(Scroll down half way.)

Utah Topographic Map Index - With Adjacent Topo Quads (Click on map, scroll right moving the map to the left. Pace cursor back on map for interactive feature.) (Scroll back left and down for adjacent TOPO quads including interactive feature.)

Legend Topographic Map Symbols

Topographic Map Elevation, Profile and Vertical Exaggeration Explainer